Sunday, October 12, 2008


A review sumitted by Elaine Murray.

This extraordinary narrative of daring and courage, of sacrificial love and rock-solid loyalty is, at the same time, a tale of suspicion and jealousy; of devilish cunning and despicable treachery. In With no remorse the reader is taken to the strategic island of Malta during the period between the historic siege and the end of World War 2, after which - because of the phenomenal courage of the people - the whole island was rewarded with the George Cross by the King of England, George V1. We fly with the men of Coastal Command and their Ventura aircraft, meet some of the civilians who are caught up in the turmoil and, finally, the Venturians - the band of 27 Squadron SAAF who even in the midst of war - make music wherever they go.

Below: Making music outside of the French Foreign Legion Headquarters in Oran

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